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13th-Jan-2016 03:28 pm - Revenge is due to sin
[6] RWBY
[7] Magi
[7] Sound Horizon (Märchen)
[4] Misc. (Metal Gear Rising and JJBA)

Just a small batch today! Also, so excited to see Sound Horizon manga come out, ahhh

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[47] The Gray Garden
[10] JJBA (Steel Ball Run)
[8] Misc. (Red vs Blue, Magi, Dandelion: Wishes Brought to You, Kakegurui, RWBY)

Wow, long time no update! Had a lot of stuff going on irl, but I'll try and update this comm. as much as I can from now on. Also, my character bias is too obvious, ahaha.

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24th-Mar-2013 11:09 am - I wanna scream and shout
[10] Fate/Apocrypha
[38] Kara no Kyoukai
[33] Psycho-Pass
[10] Asura's Wrath
[10] Misc. (Tsuritama, Yu-Gi-Oh! DM, Gangsta)

and let it all out )
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2nd-Dec-2011 11:36 pm - /pops this community's cherry
[5] Kara no Kyoukai
[46] Gangsta
[49]Soul Eater
[9] Yu-Gi-Oh
[19] Bleach
[70] Misc. (Alternative versions)

Technically, this would be my 2nd icon post, since my 1st one is back in my journal. But, anyways, let's carry on!


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2nd-Dec-2011 10:11 pm - Resource Post
Shazam! )
If I've forgotten anybody, please tell me ASAP!
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